Jesus' message to Barbara November 11, 2003:

"When I return, I will return as I really am. I am a King, a Ruler, your Father. Before I came in the flesh as a humble servant of man. I was kind, gentle, and forgiving. I came as a teacher. To be man's teacher, you must make yourself attainable, someone they can identify with.

But I was ridiculed, laughed at, spit upon and hated. I came to teach the words that would save them from their sins. But many did not recognize me, they turned against me.  When I return, ALL will see who I truly am. Even those who turned away will know I am their God, King of ALL.  

You have seen me, it's your job to paint not who I was, a lamb, but who I am - a lion. Paint me in all my glory. MY people are not prepared for My return.  They have made gods of their flesh and themselves. Tell them to submit. Tell them to seek me with all their hearts...I AM RETURNING SOON!"  

God said those who received this, those who won't, will be no more. Hundreds of testimonies came in from people who received, reporting various miracles from financial breakthroughs to healings. God is thinning out the wheat from the chaff...we are in the final days before God's judgement and Jesus returning...we are in End Times!  

The Great Return