"Let go, let go of all that you are, and all that you're not.  It's what you think you're not that's holding you back, as well as what you think you are.  Whatever you're not, hang onto what I am. If you think you weak, then hang onto my strength. If you're fearful, hang onto my love.  If you're tired, get into my hope. If you broke, get into my riches. I am whatever you lack. Get into me.  Praise me.  Not because of anything I did to deserve your praise, just praise me because I am. I don't have to do anything to deserve your praise, I'm God, I want you to praise me.

Praising me is the answer to your prayers.  Praise me, and your trust in me will grow. Trust me, and my peace will come upon you and protect you from the worries of this world, it will give you a supernatural ability to not be affected by the turmoil around you. It's in my peace, where my love and power reside.

Praise me, and you will be ready to be used by me.  I'm looking for those who will praise me. Many know about entering the Promised Land, many speak of it, but few do, because the Promised land isn't for everyone, it's for those who not only will serve and praise me, but who are willing to go do whatever it takes to possess the land.

Joshua and Caleb had to DO something to possess the Promised land, it wasn't just given to them.  They had to have faith, they had to believe and then go fight the enemies, THEN the Promised land was theirs.  Many are lazy, they expect me to just bring them into a promised land, and they don't have to do anything, that's why so few ever see my promises come to pass.
To see all my Promises come to pass, YOU must do your part.  Faith is an action word, if what I've promised isn't in your life, then that means I'm expecting you to do your part to bring it to pass.  Learn about bringing my promises to pass. Learn what you must do.

I don't want you to return to Boston and do a prayer conference.  Why would I send you back to where you were trained? Boston was a training ground. The pastors and priests there will see you as a student, teachers always see students as students, so they will not respect you, you won't be at your best behind the pulpit, they've seen you in training, they know you.  Even Jesus couldn't perform many miracles in Nazareth, people only saw him as a carpenter. 

Boston was only training grounds, when I know
you're ready, I'll send the money to return to Naples. I told you to take Naples. But you must do what I say in order to do so. You must begin to gather the strongest prayer team possible, tell them you will all be fasting and praying for 7 days. On the 7th day, break the strongholds over that area. Then you can open the doors and get the center going. If you don't break the strongholds over that region, you will never be able to possess the land. Only prayer and fasting with strong prayer warriors will break the strong strongholds over that territory.  Start now to find them, it will take time to find them."


"Once upon a time, there was a farmer. All day long, he worked in the field until it was dark. Weary and hungry, he'd come in, sit down at his table, and eat his piece of bread, slice of cheese, and a cup of water.  He'd stare at the empty chair across the table, wondering why he had two chairs. He was always alone. He wondered every day, why he was alive, what his purpose was, why he was in this world.

Day after day, he'd plow his fields, night after night, he'd pray, wondering why he was alive. Surely it wasn't just to plow fields until he died. One day, after he'd been plowing, he came to see a beautiful angel sitting in the empty chair.  "Look in the cupboard, there is something for you in the cupboard," she said. Confused, he walked over to the cupboard. There had never been anything in the cupboard other than a cup. 

"Take the cup, drink from it, drink a cup of water from it." The angel instructed.  He did so, expecting something to happen afterwards. Instead, the angel disappeared.  "HUH?"  He thought. What was that all about?  THAT was the answer to his prayers?  God sent an angel who only told him to do what he always does, only to leave him as she found him. Nothing had changed other than he questioned his faith.

Baffled, he went to bed discouraged. 'Why even pray,' he thought  as he fell asleep.  In his sleep, the angel came to him in a dream, saying, "Go plow the fields," she said over and over, "GO PLOW THE FIELDS."  She didn't stop repeating it, so he finally he decided he wouldn't get any sleep until he did what the angel said.  So he got up, got dressed, and went out to plow the fields even though he was tired, it was midnight, and there was little light to plow by.

As he began plowing, the moon hit the overturned soil, looking down, he noticed something sparkling in the soil. He had never taken notice of the soil before, but the hot blinding sun kept him from looking down. He grabbed a handful of soil and ran back to his cottage to look at it in the light. It was diamonds!!! The angel appeared again and told him, "Gather up a bag of them, take them to a woman in the market with the blue veil."  He did so, believing now that the angel was there to bless him since she had been right so far.

He went to the market, found the woman with the blue veil, and told her about what the angel had said to him. She took the diamonds, thanked him, and said, "Come with me, I am a queen, and I've been looking for a successor to my throne. My people are being held captive, the ransom was a bag of diamonds which I didn't have.  I prayed, God told me a man would come with a bag of diamonds, in exchange for the freedom of my people, I would make him King over all the land."

So the farmer was ordained King that afternoon, seeing now how all that time, what he needed to bless him was right under his feet the whole time. But God had a set time before he revealed the gift the farmer had, a gift that would move the farmer from his place of toiling, to a place of destiny. He had been born to be a King, but only if he followed a path laid out by God."

"Look over there, to your right, at those hills, did you ever wonder why you've never hiked them? It was because you were never meant to. Just because something is there, doesn't mean you need to do it.  Where you are is where you're supposed to be. I didn't ask you to be up there, or over there...right where you are is where I've told you to be.  I can use you right where you are, you don't need to go somewhere else, or be more, or be someone different, who you are, where you are, is right where I can use you.

If I need you to go somewhere else, I'll tell you. For right now, I've sent you here to rest. But you cannot rest if you do not trust me. I keep giving you my gifts, peace, hope, joy, but you keep letting them go, then ask me for them again.  You need to hang onto them, stop letting things come and quickly take them away. I need you to let go of everything, just rest, don't try to figure things out, try to figure how you're going to get from here to there, to your destiny.

Like the farmer, just obey, trust my guidance, rest, and trust me.  I know you've been through many battles, I know if a mother drops a child, that child has a hard time fully trusting the mother again, he always feels he has to be alert in case he gets dropped again.  I didn't drop you, but it felt like I did. I see what you've been through, why it's hard to trust in me like you used to.  But I need you to.

When you praise me, your trust in me will grow.  As your trust in me grows, you'll be able to praise me a little more.  As you praise me a little more, your trust will grow even more until one day, you'll completely trust me. It is then, you'll completely love me. You can't love me completely until you trust me completely.  And you can't praise me with all your heart until you can trust and love me. Praise, and trust, and love are all one, tied up together in each other.

Many say they love me, but I see they don't. They can't, they don't trust me completely. If they trusted me completely, they'd carry out my commands, they'd obey me, they'd serve me with all their hearts and lives.  But they only do lip service. Many worship me, they sing praises to me, but their praises fall empty to the ground, I see they don't know me, nor do they love me or trust me.  They just do what everyone around them does. But I can see their hearts. They aren't fooling me.

When I see someone who trusts me, who obeys me, who praises me from the depths of their hearts, that is the person I know loves me. It is in that love, where all my power and authority reside.  Power lies in love. That is why the devil is after your peace, trying to get you to not trust me. That is why I tell my people they must forgive, they must walk in peace and love.

Not the peace and love they know, but the peace and love that only comes from walking closely with me, trusting me, obeying me. When you obey me, when you trust me, MY peace will be in you. When you are filled with my peace, I'll know you've filled your heart with my love.  To one who loves me completely, they can praise me deeply, trust me completely, so my power can flow through them.

All my power is given to one who trusts and loves me.  It is in love, where my power resides. That's why forgiveness is so important. You must forgive everyone for everything, even if it means turning the other cheek. You must stay in peace and love. I can flow through one who resides in love. You are where you're supposed to be, just rest, rest means trust in me."


"t's time for what's inside you to come out.  You were created to be a vessel, but even vessels must be broken so others can see the gold inside.  Gold will shine from far away if the light is on it."


"You went forward, only to go right back.  If you look at where you are, what you've been through, at how hard things are, you'll stay where you are.  I'm asking you to look at me, look at my love, at what I can do.  Trust me.

Keep your eyes on me, and I will give you my peace, it's like having a small piece of heaven inside you that will protect you, keep you from the problems and weight of this world getting inside you.  Peace, I leave you, Jesus said.  It is in that peace, that perfect peace that surpasses all understanding, that your power lies. Power to not let the weapons of this world get into your heart and take you down.

Get into me, and I will send my peace into you that will keep and protect you.  You're in a dry valley right now, many of my remnants are in the same place, wondering where I am, when will I deliver them.  It's not by coincidence you're all in the same place, it's my plan. You've all come to the end of yourselves, which is where I need you to be before going forward.

I see you all, but I'm waiting for joy and praise to get back into your hearts.  Praise me, and I will let the flood waters pour into your dry desert that will take you out of the dry barren desert and into a place where living waters flow.

The waters will come forth from your praise, they will water all that is dry in your life, you will not lack any good thing.  You'll be stronger in the things that you need: faith, hope, courage, joy.  The things you need to be less in, you'll become less in:  less fear, less tears, less weakness, less brokeness.  

Brokeness is ok if you let me be your strength.  Don't look at your brokeness, but at how I'm shaping you, look at me, at my strength in you.  I told you to rest, that means trust in me.  Trusting in me brings rest to your soul. Don't try, trying your way wears you out.  Trust, trust in me brings rest to your soul and mind.

Look at what's in the way of your trust in me, then remove it.  I need you to trust me if I'm going to bring you into a place of service. You've proven your heart, now praise me.  You can't praise me if you don't trust in me.  Where there is praise, there is joy.  Where there is joy, there is strength.  Where there is strength, there is faith.  But if you lose everything, if you lose joy, lose hope, lose praise, don't lose faith.  You can lose everything else in life, but never let go of your faith.  You can build everything back upon it, it is your foundation and way of salvation."


"One step at a time, just small steps, that's how things will get done without wearing yourself out.  Just do one thing I ask you to do at a time, just like you put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. You've been through a storm, a major flood that destroyed or wiped out all you had.  But the storm has passed now, the waters have receded, but you're worn out from the storm, only now is when the hardest work is: to rebuild what's been destroyed in your life.

If you try to rebuild what's been destroyed, you'll only find yourself more exhausted.  If you let me restore and rebuild, then you can simply rest and trust I will take care of what is meant to be rebuilt.  Not everything that's been lost is meant to be restored or rebuilt.  Let everything that's gone, let it go.  If it's meant to be, I'll restore it back into your life.

If you home was built on rock, on a solid foundation, on Jesus, then you have nothing to worry about.  You won't need to rebuild your home, only clean it. I repeat, you won't need to rebuild your home if it's built on a solid foundation of rock, only if you had built a wood home would you have to rebuild it.  So all you need to do is clean your house.

Get into the word, it will clean you and your life.  Let the word be all you need.  Let me be the furniture you need, the table you sit at, let the word of God be what you eat, what feeds you.  If you get into my word, let it get into you, let it be all you need, then I will take care of everything else in your life that is meant to be.  You just study the word of God, let me bring everything else into your life.  Now let me sing a song to you."

"You sing songs to me?  Shouldn't I be the one to sing songs to you?"
I asked.

God laughed: "Who do you think invented songs?  Who gave the birds their song?  I have a song I want to sing to you."


"Don't worry about who likes you, you're a leader, leaders don't drink beer in bars with the peasants. You are my kings men, my warriors, you stand outside the palace with a sword in hand. You're not to be distracted with whether people like you or disagree with you, you're appointed to guard the gates and slay the enemy. Not all like guards or leaders, they don't like who they can not be or are not like. They want you to be just like them, if you aren't, then they turn on you.

Keep your sword sharp means stay in the word, your sword is the word of God in your hands, you sharpen it by the word of God, not by anything else.  "Iron sharpens Iron" is a phrase most use wrongly, they say they will help you sharpen your sword, when only the word of God, only I can sharpen your sword.

Does a blade of grass water another blade of grass?  No. It can't.  Water comes from above, from me, not from another. Come to me to sharpen your sword. Keep your sword sharp at all times, the word of God sharpens your sword.Remember nothing is about you, it's all about me, remember that. Fast for 10 days, eat only the word of God."


"You see all the losses in your life, the loved ones who are gone, as a hole in your heart and life.  I see that hole as an opportunity to plant a new tree.  For every hole you see, plant new life."


"Where there is love, there is peace.  Where there is peace, there is hope.  Where there is hope, there I am. I am hope in the darkness." 

"Stop listening to other sermons, hoping to catch fire from them. Fire comes from the Holy Spirit. Get the Holy Spirit in you, start from the inside, then it will come out of you when you speak.  Seeking it from others, trying to get fire from other's words and sermons is working outside in.  Work inside out, surely you will get on fire that way and stay on fire."



"I need you to be completely obedient to all my instructions, not for my sake, but yours.  Timing is critical, it could mean the difference between life and death.  There is a reason why I have specific instructions, they must be obeyed completely or the consequences might be deadly.  I need you to read ALL of Isaiah, not just some of it. If it takes you the whole day, read and meditate on it. I want you to study the greatest prophet of all.

See the top of that ridge, the way to get there isn't the way you see is obvious. You'd go up where there is no brush, through the grass areas and rocks, but my way is right through the bushes, right in the thick of it all where no one can see a path.  My way will hide you from your enemies, your way exposes you so all can see you, where you're going, and how you plan on getting there.Follow me, let me guide you through the bushes, guide you in a way no one can see, where you will be hidden from the enemies who will try to stop you.

Be mysterious, don't make yourself plain to all.  Don't even have a name, put the name, "Messenger of God" on your books, get your name off.  Let there be mystery about you so no one gets to know you, I want them to know me. Don't make your plans and ways obvious, don't book the same flight on the same day and time, book random flights, random times, random airports, sometimes even drive so no one can follow your moves to kill you.

Move like a snake. Not evil like a snake, but move like a snake, they are hard to follow, even harder to catch. Ever tried to catch a snake? It's almost impossible. You never know which way they are going to move, if they're going to leap at you or go into a hole.  It's much easier to catch a chicken than a snake, you can see the chicken, you know which way he's going to run, he makes his moves obvious and has no where to hide. It's just a matter of time before he's caught and killed.

But snakes move in unpredictable ways, I want you to move in unpredictable ways to out smart the traps of the enemy. Things are going to begin soon, you must make yourself invisible, a mystery. Silent plans of the enemy are always more powerful than announced ones. Don't let the enemy know you're coming, don't make your plans or moves obvious.  The only way to know which path to go on, is to follow me. I will hide you, guide you, teach you.

I know your heart is with me, and I know you're willing to serve me with all your life, the only weak area you need to work on is obedience. I need "CO"....COMPLETE OBEDIENCE.  It's not for me, but for your sake.  The more you've been called by me, the more important it is to obey me and do my will.  To not do my will when you've been called leads to death.  The reason why there's so many small ministries and very few large ones, is that few are willing to completely trust Me and let Me do it My way.  Most want control, so all that's possible is what man can do. Thus, small ministries. Read Isaiah, he was a prophet unto the nations.... 



Jesus said: "It's not about you, there is nothing in this world about you. Get into Me, let your life be all about Me, then every enemy that comes at you, the battle will be mine, which I will fight.  Get behind me, they see me, they're shooting at Me, not you, so don't catch their bullets, they're intended for Me, but if you catch them, if you think the battle involves you, then you'll want to catch their bullets and defend yourself or me. Get into Me, let Me fight the battles. Don't catch bullets, they're not aimed at you, but Me. They see Me, they see God, but they shoot at you because they see us in you. Don't waste your time or energy fighting battles that are not yours. Let Me fight your battles. They're all about Me and God. The battle is not yours to fight, you're to stay in my presence, stay in peace, be the gospel."


"You're done climbing the mountain, that was the hard part, now it's time to climb down.  Climbing down lets you catch your breath, rest, it's easy to go downhill.  There are many ways down the mountain, but only one leads to your destiny.  Either you let me lead you, or if you try to get there on your own, you will get lost.  There are too many obstacles in the way, you'll never find the way without me. The quickest path and one of least resistance is behind me.  Let me go before you, you follow.  

With this fast, call upon me for help.  Spiritual fasts can not be done through the flesh.  Spiritual fasts break strongholds, they get you to walk spiritually.  Before you can walk spiritually, one must fast, but to fast my way, you need my help. Don't try to fast on your own, call upon me for help. Fasting is to prepare you for walking spiritually and supernaturally. Until you do so, you will not be able to what I've called you to do.

Fast for 10 days, feed on my word, let me lead you. I am with you. I love you. Now I want to know you love me. You show me you love me with your life, with obeying me, with serving me.  Many love me with all their heart, yet they refuse to obey or serve me.  Then there are those who walk holy, who do all I ask, yet they do so only out of obedience as if I'm a slave master.  There is no love for me in them, or service.  That is what religion does to my people. Then there are those who serve me, yet they don't know me or love me intimately. I am looking for those who love me, who will lay down their lives completely and serve me with all they have, but also be obedient to all I tell them to do.  If one is willing to do those 3 things, I will use them mighty. Stand up, let me bless you."

I did and felt God's love pour over me. Light poured into me, I could barely stand in His presence.

"I bless you with my love, it's my greatest gift of all," he said.


Holy Spirit:
"Get yourself ready and into position.  God cannot use anyone until they are in position. An army doesn't go into battle until everyone is ready and in position.  Few of God's people are in position, until they are, nothing will start.  God is waiting for his people to be ready and in position."

"All we need is money Lord, send us the money and we'll be able to get into position." i said.

"The money's there, I'm releasing it, get yourself ready.  There are things you need to be aware of that are holding you back."

"What are they?  I know I need to forgive everyone. What else?"


"Ok, I know I can be impatient. Teach me how to be patient." 

"Patience comes with virtue.  If one is virtuous, they are keeping God's commandments, they are righteous and holy before God, so everything that happens, they are already in God's hands, in his will, so they give it over to him and trust him completely.  They are patient for God to work things out on their behalf, they never take matters in their own hands unless God tells them to. Become virtuous, in virtue one is righteousness, in righteousness one is patient."

"Teach me to be patient, to be virtuous.  What else?"

Then God spoke: "To not be afraid of doing My will.  You're afraid of doing My will, of obeying what I tell you to do. The devil was holy once, but he refused to obey Me.  One can be holy, but if they don't obey Me, they are just like the devil in my eyes."

"Lord, show me why I'm afraid to do your will."

"You're not afraid of doing My will, you're afraid of the pain that might come with it, the rejection, the betrayal.  It's fear of the pain you fear, not fear of doing My will. You can't move on into My will if there is something you're hanging onto that's keeping you from moving to the next thing.
If someone wants to be rescued, they're hanging on a rope, and there is a net underneath them that will catch them so they can get off hanging from a rope, but if they do not let go of the rope, they will never move on or let the net catch them. They're hanging on by their own strength, not trusting to let go of it into something better.

Behind the fear of pain is the fear of death. Behind every fear, is the underlying fear of death. You think you're not afraid to die, but until you truly aren't, it will control you in ways like fear of pain, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown.  When you're not afraid of death, you won't be afraid to truly live life, no fear will hold you back or keep you from doing what I tell you.  I am a God of faith, not suffering.

Jesus died on the cross, he died to himself so he could live for me in eternity. Living in eternity doesn't just come after you die, you can all have eternity while you live, right here, right now.  All my blessings can be yours if you will die to yourself in this life now, and live for me.  Die to you, live in me.

If you put family, or friends, or loved ones, or a job ahead of dying for me, you are not willing to pay the full cost of following Jesus. Jesus' disciples had to leave their family, their loved ones, and their jobs to follow Jesus.  They gave it all up, gave it all to me.  But few today are willing to give up their families, or friends, or life, to give me all of themselves, so I can pour myself out into few, if any, vessels. I'm asking you to hang onto me, empty yourself of you, die to you, and let me live in you, live for me. Give me all you've got.  I'm a God who rewards those who seek me.

I will bless you as you draw near to me, as you seek me, I will pour out my spirit upon you.  As you Seek me, as you spend time alone with me, letting me fill you with my spirit, I will heal you, one thing at a time, until you are made whole and healthy.  You have things wrong with you, as you see one thing after another healed, you'll know it is I, your God, who heals and restores. But I will do it one by one."

"Lord, I'm not leaving here until you bless me.  I ask you to bless me this morning so I will be blessed all day." I said.

"Get into my presence, let me bless your eyes. These are spiritual eyes that you will be able to see in the spirit with.  Seek me, the more you seek me, the more I will reward you."


"Let go of all you desire, let go of you, even your name.  Let me give you a new name, one that represents the new you.  When you get into me, when my desires are yours, then that's where full authority and power lie.  Come here early, let me fill you with my wisdom, let the Holy Spirit guide and teach you, prepare you. Only I can heal you, only I can fill you with what is missing or gone.

You will never find anything you're looking for anywhere else but me. Movies won't do it, people won't do it, no where will heal you, fill you, or restore you, only I will.  Don't let the events of this world scare you, it is in the darkness my light shines the brightest. Rest, prepare yourself, let the Holy Spirit guide you and teach you.  The ministry's begun, but you must be ready.  Let go of all, even yourself, let me fill you, be one with you. When we are one, then we can do the impossible."


"You're trying to overcompensate for what you don't have by trying, by pushing.  Don't try, don't push, just do.  A weak mind, weak faith, weak muscles are not made stronger by trying, or by pushing, they're made stronger by simply doing.  DO exercise.  DO pray.  DO discipline your mind. DO My will.  Don't TRY it, don't PUSH it into happening, just DO it. It's very simple.  In doing, what you do makes you stronger.  When you pray, praying strengthens your faith.  When you exercise, exercise makes you stronger. When you take every thought captive, right thinking strengthens the mind. DO my will. These were the words of my Son Jesus.  Not TRY my will, or PUSH my will, just DO my will.  MY will is in your hands.

Think of it as a football game, I'm the quarterback, I have the ball, but I'm passing the ball off to you, YOU finish the game.  Yes, I own the team, I'm the coach and the captain and the quarterback, but now you're in the game, and I'm giving you the ball.  Go for the finish line.  Crossing the finish line means you're done. But the end of one finish line means the start of another game. You've crossed your finish line, resting is a sign you've finished.  If you believe it, then rest. Don't keep thinking there is something you need to do right now, just rest and praise me, sing to me, get your joy and strength and energy back. 

Tell My people to rest.  It's time to rest, to gather your strength for the next game, which is the final game. Allan's still looking at finishing his book, which is so far ahead of him, it's keeping him worn out trying to chase after it.  My people need to get their joy back, need to rest. Right now, it's important you find peace and joy, get song and praise back in you.  The next game won't start until I see you're rested and prepared. Use this time as resting and preparation time. Spend time alone with me.  Lie on the beach maybe and just let me fill you with my presence. draw into me, let me pour myself into you.

There is only a couple more things for you to do, I will lead and guide you, show you what they are so you can work on them.  One is to free yourself, let go, forgive. Forgive everyone, it doesn't free them, it frees you.  You can hold yourself captive just as much as the devil can, even moreso, because when you hold yourself captive, you and only you can free yourself. They know not what they do.  They'll be held accountable to me, not you. Forgiving them sets you free. As long as you find anger in you towards them, you haven't forgiven them, so you're holding yourself captive over people that will never change or see how they hurt you.
 Let me guide you.  Praise me, I want you to rest and praise me. Don't try, don't push, just do my will."


"Do you see now why I told you to come early?  Birds don't like to sing in the heat, everything is different later in the day. What are you normally doing at 6 am?"

"Waking up, drinking coffee, praying or watching the news," I replied.

"Exactly, and none of it trains you for success.  Success isn't an accident, it happens to people who are prepared for it. To be successful, train for it. Rise early, worship me early, let me pour my love into at the start of the day, then wherever you go, you spread love because you are filled with love. Freely you receive, freely give.  

Success takes discipline, hard work.  You once believed, you once were filled with passion and drive, let me fill you with it again. Only this time, the path you were on, see how it is now overgrown, barely there?  It's time for a new path, a path only I know and can see, a path where you will find rest, find my promises, a path to all I have for you. You gave me all you had, now it's time I give you all I have. All your life, you've run on empty.  No family, no money, no hope, no health, no home, no one.  You've walked alone all your life.  You don't mind being alone, you pour yourself into me and your art.  But you were so used to the emptiness, that anytime anyone or anything came along that tried to fill your empty bubble, you either devoured it or cast it out.  

It's time your bubble no longer be empty, let me fill it with love, let me surround you with my love.  Wake up early, come here early, this place is surrounded by love, surrounded by me.  Let me fill you early each day with my love.  That is why I asked you to come here early.  Let me wake you up, filling you with love, rather than coffee or listening to sermons or news. 

At times you felt I abandoned you, that I didn't hear your prayers, many people feel that way about me when they get into a tough place. But when you don't know where to go or what to do next, stand. Stand in peace, stand in faith, wait upon me to guide you. I've not abandoned you, I'm seeing what you're going to do with the faith you thought you have.
It's easy to have faith when you see me, when you see things go well, but to have faith when you can't see me, when the devil's testing you and I'm silent, even I step back to see what you're going to do.  I see your faith, so I allow it to be tested.  I want you to chose faith when it looks like nothing is there. 

You ask me to heal you, the key to healing is in forgiveness. Forgive all, especially yourself. Forgiveness is tied directly to healing. I cannot heal someone who won't forgive, and most of all, to forgive yourself.  It's impossible to truly forgive others unless you first forgive yourself. My people keep themselves in bondage because they won't forgive themselves, they won't stop judging and criticizing themselves.  How can you forgive someone else, if you haven't forgiven yourself?

Forgiveness is part of healing.  Forgive, and watch healing come naturally, from inside.  Forgiveness is part of freeing yourself. One who forgives, is free. Unforgiveness keeps people in bondage, bondage that only they can free themselves of.  Who you won't forgive, I won't forgive. Forgive yourself, forgive your failures, your mistakes, your weaknesses, and be healed, be free, be whole. Then you can receive all my love.

Surround yourself with my love, come here early, start your day out surrounding yourself with my love, with the songs of the birds, with being alone with me. Let me fill you early, so the rest of the day you're on the right path. Where you go, my love goes because now you are filled with love, my love.  What you are filled with, you are. Success takes disciplined habits like coming here early so I can guide you and cover you."


"Leaders don't care if they're accepted and fit in with others, they're not supposed to.  A great leader knows being respected and trusted is more important than fitting in or being liked.  If you come down to the people's level, then you're just like them and can not lead them.  Keep yourself who you are, maintain distance, stay close to me, not them.  I will lead you how you will lead them.

Man's means are not mine.  Let go of man made ways of doing things, see yourself letting go of the rope of security, fall into my hands. Trust that I have you in my hands.  You may go down for awhile, because in order to catch someone falling, you must go down with them for a little while otherwise the force of stopping them could kill them.  So to break the force of the fall, you go down with them slowly, then you lift them up.
Trust you're in my hands.  Though it looked like you were going down for awhile, know that if you're in my hands, surely I will one day lift you back up, so don't fear what things look like.

Sing to me, and not man's songs, man's songs come from his flesh, his ego, of wanting recognition from others, wanting praise and respect. Listen to the birds, they sing from heaven's perspective, they keep their eyes on me, I am the source of their song. They don't look at this world, there is no song in this world. True song comes from heaven. Birds sing because I created them to, they know that their song comes from me.

Sing to me, from heaven's perspective, not man's.  Know you're in my hands, trust in that.  It looked like you were falling, that I didn't have you in my hands, but I did the whole time.  I had to break your fall first, so you went down for awhile.  Now it's time to rise up. You're in my hands, rise up.  You're created to lead my sheep, so don't expect them to like you, they can't see who you are if you're not leading them.  Get into position, then they will see who you are. Until you are in the right position, until you are who you're created to be, they will not see you, or like you, or respect you because you're not who you are.

When you lead, then you will be respected and trusted. You can't lead people if you're down at their level. Keep your distance, walk in who you are, know you're in my hands, listen to the songs of the birds, get that song in your heart and sing to me. Let me hear your song, your praise. I am with you."


"There is no peace if there is pain. They cannot exist together. Pain keeps you from me, from being fully in my presence. If one is in pain, they are not trusting in me, giving it to me. Release the pain, and then I can heal you every way you're hurt. Anger and hurt come from pain. Release the pain, walk in peace and love." 


God's Messages